Is He or She Your Twin Flame? 10 Signs To Look For


Twin flames are believed to be two halves of the same soul, two people who were separated at birth and were drawn back together in order to help each other heal their respective wounds caused by past relationships. This can sound like the plot of your favorite Hallmark movie, but it’s also a legitimate metaphysical concept that many people believe in. If you want to know if your new flame is really your twin flame, this list will help you figure out whether or not you’ve found the one.

1) Feeling unconnected to others

Many people feel disconnected from others for many reasons. The feeling of being separated is a deep-seated one that lingers long after other wounds have healed. It’s an uncomfortable, even painful feeling that you can’t seem to shake. When it comes to love, your twin flame will not only be able to relate with your feelings of isolation and separation but also help you heal from them. This connection will give you something bigger than yourself to connect with on a spiritual level.

2) Feelings of longing for love that can’t be satisfied

Many times, twin flames find themselves thinking about their flame over and over again. They feel an intense and insatiable longing for their other half, which they can’t fully explain. It’s as if you are continuously waiting for a text message or phone call that never comes, but when it does come you drop everything to read it or return the call. The incredible anticipation of getting that call is one of many signs that your love is your twin flame.

3) Longing to change something in yourself

Our desire to change ourselves is a manifestation of our twin flame connection. Many of us get so wrapped up in fighting and resisting who we are that we ultimately miss out on what’s been there all along—our twin flames. One of my favorite quotes about love comes from Byron Katie: When you argue with reality, you lose every time. The truth is that nothing has to change for love to find us; we just have to stop arguing with ourselves and accept love as it is.

4) Sudden, constant daydreaming about your other half

A twin flame relationship is an intense one. If you can’t seem to stop thinking about your other half, you could be with a twin flame. These people tend to consume our thoughts, making it hard to concentrate on anything else at times. In order to keep from obsessing over them, it’s important to find ways to keep busy and distracted when we need some time away from our partner. The best way to do that is by setting up a daily schedule for yourself and sticking to it as much as possible. It doesn’t matter what you do – just make sure there are things on your schedule that will help you stay focused and avoid daydreaming about them all day long!

5) Disappointment when you don’t hear from him/her

Many twin flames feel an almost instant connection, and when you can’t get in touch with your twin for a period of time, you will experience extreme feelings of anxiety. You may start to worry that he or she has met someone else—or worse, he or she doesn’t love you anymore. If there is no logical reason why they aren’t responding to your texts or calls, then it might be something deeper than that.

6) The feeling of missing out on life when you aren’t with him/her

Falling in love with your twin flame is about feeling as though you’re meant to be together, that it just feels right when you’re both present. If there is any sense of missing out on life when he or she isn’t around, then it may be a sign that you are compatible and close to fulfilling your shared destiny. You might also notice that time seems to move slower when you’re apart from him/her—and faster when you’re together. This could be another indication of being soulmates; we tend to feel more time passing when we are waiting for something we really want, such as spending time with someone we adore!
In addition, if you have a hard time falling asleep without contacting him/her first (or vice versa), it could mean that your bodies require each other for optimal functioning.

7) A powerful connection between the two of you at first sight (or close contact)

When you meet someone who you know is going to be in your life for a long time, you know it deep down. There’s something about them that makes them different from everyone else you have ever met, and from that first interaction, you feel like they belong with you. You don’t even have to think about what it is—you just feel it. That’s twin flame energy at work, and it definitely gets your attention.

8) Complete bliss in his/her presence (including in his/her absence if you have talked a lot together before meeting each other face-to-face)

When you are with him/her, there is nothing more important to you than being together with him/her. When he or she is not around, your mind often goes back to replaying what happened or imagine where he or she might be. If a new thought comes up that has nothing to do with him/her, it’s like a foreign object occupying your mind, which tries by all means to replace it with something about him/her.

9) Physical attraction not only based on looks but rather on personality traits

Research shows that physical attraction is about more than what you look like. In fact, a number of studies have shown that we tend to be attracted to people with similar personality traits, including your sense of humor. Basically, if you find someone funny (and they’re not laughing at you), chances are good that you two are attracted to each other. When it comes to finding your twin flame, it’s also important to remember that love isn’t just about chemistry—it’s also about compatibility. If you share interests and hobbies, then there will likely be less friction in your relationship as time goes on.

10) The feeling that no one else will do, no matter how hard you try.

Feeling like you’ve found the one in your partner is a great sign you’re with your twin flame. If your partner is so great, why have you not been able to stay with them in past relationships? Maybe it wasn’t right. Maybe it was because they weren’t THE ONE…yet. You can’t force love or be forced into love. You have to feel it and know that no matter what happens, nothing will keep you apart from each other.