The 10 Most Unfortunate Traits of Beta Males

Beta Male

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already aware of the unfortunate nature of being a beta male. Whether you’re already in this role, or are striving to avoid it, most women are quick to identify betas because they share these 10 unfortunate traits with them. Here’s what she sees in your beta behaviour and how you can fix it.

1) They Can’t Command Attention

The term beta male can be used to describe any type of male who isn’t particularly strong or dominant. These men are often quiet, thoughtful and rather insecure about themselves. While there is nothing wrong with being a beta male—it’s certainly better than being an alpha jerk—they do tend to lack certain qualities that society holds in high regard, such as charisma and bravado. This isn’t to say they aren’t charismatic or brave, but they just don’t display these traits on a regular basis. This doesn’t make them weak; it just makes them reserved and careful when approaching others.

2) They Try to Please Everyone

The term beta male is thrown around a lot today, and some people think it’s just another way to disparage men. But these betas aren’t losers because they don’t have game or because they lack ambition. They’re losers because they’re so afraid of displeasing someone that they’ll go out of their way to give everyone what they want all at once…leaving no room for themselves in their own lives.

3) When They Love, They Love Too Hard

It’s good to be passionate about your girl, but don’t neglect other areas of your life. This can lead to you becoming clingy, needy and desperate for her attention. If she loves you back, it could send a bad message: She may think that your needs are so great that she has to devote all her time to catering to them. The way I see it, you want a woman who is more in love with you than you are with her—and vice versa. <

4) Their Egos Get in the Way

Alpha males are notorious for their arrogance, and beta males definitely have a case of third place syndrome. They cannot accept that they’re at the bottom rung on their ladder to success; it’s unlikely you’ll hear an alpha say he isn’t very good at something, while betas can often be heard saying they could do better or are much smarter than they seem. This is one reason why many women find alphas more attractive—they’re more confident in themselves and therefore less likely to make someone else feel bad about herself. This also means that if you want to date a woman who thinks she’s hot stuff, you should probably avoid dating her friend who thinks she needs your help getting ahead in life. It’s just not going to work out.

5) They Don’t Understand Game

If a man wants to be an attractive man, he needs to understand game. The most unattractive men in society are clueless about what women really want. If you don’t get game, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with women but it does mean you’ll likely be confined to mediocre sex and relationships. That isn’t good enough for any man who is serious about success and happiness. It’s important to remember that game is not just about knowing lines or tactics; it’s also about understanding how attraction works so you can create genuine connections with women. And there are two ways to do that: by learning from experience (which takes time) or by learning from others (which takes money).

6) They Are Great at Mapping Out Strategies But Not Implementing Them

It’s one thing to come up with a brilliant game plan—it’s quite another to follow through on it. Beta males are great at strategizing, but they struggle to actually follow through on their ideas. They don’t stick with their goals because they either lack vision or they get distracted by something else. Because beta males like to focus on short-term pleasures and immediate results, long-term projects aren’t very appealing to them.

7) They Are Wishy-Washy

Being confident in who you are and what you want is not only attractive to women, but it also makes you feel much better about yourself. If you constantly second-guess your decisions, there’s a chance that you won’t be able to get over your regret and move on with your life. This will cause resentment towards women (particularly those who rejected or led you on) and may turn into feelings of anger or low self-esteem.

8) Their Jealousy Gets in the Way

The number one reason that beta males fail to achieve success with women is their jealous nature. They are fearful of other men taking what they see as theirs, whether it be a girl or just attention. Jealousy is characterized by resentment and anger towards those who hold something you desire.

9) They Can Be Gullible and Easily Manipulated by Women

Women are very good at reading and manipulating emotions, both their own and other people’s. While they do tend to be slightly better at it than men, men can be just as manipulative and cunning as women. If you lack game or are incredibly submissive to women, then it will not take much for a woman to manipulate you into doing whatever she wants. This is something that beta males suffer from often.

10) They Fail to Communicate with Women Effectively

If a man has trouble communicating with women, it’s usually because he lacks confidence. Take a look at your interactions with women and see how they go. Do you lack confidence when talking to them? Are you nervous? If so, it might be because your lack of confidence is making her uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to tell women what you want or where you stand on certain topics; communication is key in any relationship. Keep trying and practice makes perfect!