How to Achieve Self Love with 10 Tips

Love yourself

There’s no denying that loving yourself can be difficult sometimes, especially when you’re surrounded by all sorts of messages that tell you that you’re not good enough, or if you see others who seem to have it all together. While it may seem like an impossible feat to love yourself unconditionally, there are simple things you can do every day to help make your self-love journey easier and more effective. If you’re ready to start loving yourself more, then read on for 10 hacks to love yourself unconditionally.

1) Start by loving your body

Self-esteem is directly linked to body image. If you don’t love your body, then you won’t love yourself—and it will be hard for anyone else to love you, too. That said, there are a lot of ways that people can start loving their bodies unconditionally (even if they have insecurities about a certain body part). Try these 10 ideas on for size 1. Don’t obsess over what you see in magazines: The fashion industry isn’t known for its realistic depictions of women, so when we see celebrities or models who look like our idea of perfection, we get caught up comparing ourselves to them and developing unrealistic expectations. In order to stop hating our bodies, we need to realize that just because someone looks like an unattainable ideal doesn’t mean they are happy with themselves or feel good about how they look.

2) Do one thing for yourself each day

If you’re like most people, your life is full of things you have to do—work assignments, chores, errands. While it’s great that you are responsible and always get your work done on time, it can be easy to put off things for yourself in favor of checking everything else off your list. What’s more important than loving yourself? Make sure to carve out some time each day to enjoy something just for you. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath or going out with friends, make sure you take care of yourself first so that you don’t burn out later.

3) Recognize your accomplishments, big and small

It’s easy to forget that we have our own incredible abilities when we compare ourselves with those around us. Recognizing our accomplishments (no matter how small they may seem) helps remind us of what we can accomplish and enables us to love ourselves more deeply. Here are a few ideas for recognizing your greatness.

4) Keep a positive attitude even when you fail at something

In life, you’re going to fail more times than you succeed. That’s just a fact of life. And while it might be hard to remember sometimes, failure isn’t your enemy. In fact, it can be one of your greatest teachers when used correctly. Instead of letting failures hold you back from trying new things, look at them as opportunities to learn and grow. If you have a negative attitude about failing, then every time something doesn’t go right in your life, it will feel like confirmation that you’re not good enough or smart enough or capable enough.

<2h>5) Forgive yourself first

There is no shame in failing or making mistakes. The most successful people are those who learn from their failures and figure out a way to avoid repeating them. Forgive yourself for falling short of your personal goals, forgive yourself for not reaching your business goals, and forgive yourself if you fall short on an individual project. Failure leads to growth, so don’t beat yourself up when you do fail; instead, learn from it and move forward.

6) Take time out to relax

When you’re racing against deadlines, it can be difficult to prioritize self-care. However, even a quick 15-minute break to relax your mind and stretch your body can have an immediate impact on your productivity—especially when you come back fresh and ready for work. Consider taking a walk around your office or parking lot; meditate in a quiet room; or do some simple stretches while standing at your desk.

7) Don’t let someone else limit your success

From your first day of school, you’ve probably been taught that there are two types of people: winners and losers. It’s up to you to decide which one you want to be. But just because your family, friends or society doesn’t fully support your dreams and aspirations doesn’t mean they have any right to limit them. If you love yourself unconditionally, no one can stop you from achieving your goals. And if anyone tries to rain on your parade? You can always buy a new umbrella!

8) Focus on the positive parts of you

Most of us tend to focus on what we see as our flaws—that little bit of extra weight, that underdeveloped muscle. But you have an entire person worth loving—and it’s in your power to do so. Start by listing your best qualities. The process might be painful at first, but thinking about who you are (and what you’re capable of) can be incredibly empowering. If you don’t love yourself, no one else will either.

9) Stop comparing yourself with others

In today’s day and age, there are countless images of perfection out there, from magazine covers to celebrity Instagram photos. All these images of perfect women and men can really mess with your head when you consider that each one is simply a highly edited, photoshopped version of a real person. Try not to compare yourself with others, as we all have our own unique features and qualities that make us special in our own way.

10) Check your feelings from time to time

If you start feeling down on yourself, ask yourself a few questions that are designed to make you feel better. Examples include: How have I handled similar situations in my life? or What is one thing I love about myself right now? The more time you spend thinking positively about yourself, the less time you’ll have negative thoughts floating around in your head. This doesn’t mean ignoring your flaws; instead, it means finding positive aspects of those things too.