10 Surefire Signs You're Dating A Narcissist


We’ve all come across narcissists at some point in our lives. Whether they’re coworkers or romantic partners, they can be hard to spot because they tend to present a normal image on the surface, while showing their true colors once you get to know them better. These ten signs of narcissism are dead giveaways and will let you know exactly what kind of person you’re dealing with, so you can make the right decision about whether to continue the relationship or run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with being narcissistic—if you can call it that—but when your outlook and values are warped, and only serve to boost your own ego, it’s time to turn and run. Check out these telltale signs of narcissism. A healthy dose of self-confidence is great; expecting people to fawn over every post on Facebook? Not so much. There is no science behind how they came up with these but they make sense in our society today.

1) They take lots of selfies

Narcissists love to take pictures of themselves. Often, they post these photos on social media and are more concerned with how many likes they get than with cultivating authentic relationships with other people. Narcissists don’t have strong connections to others in their lives; therefore, they focus on keeping up their appearance and creating flattering images of themselves. They seek constant attention: Narcissists make others feel like there is something wrong with them because of all of their talk about themselves.

2) They talk about themselves all the time

Narcissists love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments, but they don’t want to hear anyone else. If you try to tell them about yourself, they will quickly change subjects or interrupt your story with a question about them. Instead of asking open-ended questions that let you share anything from your favorite book to how much money you make, ask questions that will tell them more about themselves.

3) Their status updates are very vague

Their profile status will say something like, Hanging out with friends. But if their friend requests are all from people they don’t even know in real life (or just acquaintances), that might be cause for concern. They post pictures of themselves at every opportunity: If there is one thing narcissists love to do, it’s post pictures of themselves. They want everyone to see how amazing they look and feel about themselves. This is because narcissists think other people care about them as much as they do – which isn’t true at all!

4) They think they are better than everyone else, even celebrities

Narcissists often feel that they are superior to everyone else, including people who have accomplished great things and other celebrities. They tend to be particularly jealous of successful people who are smarter or more talented than they are—and will often go out of their way to belittle those who have succeeded in order to make themselves feel better.

5) They don’t answer direct questions

People who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder sometimes display an apparent lack of interest in answering direct questions, and may give vague, contradictory or cryptic answers. Narcissists can also be very evasive when asked about details of their past. When directly questioned, they may make up stories that cast themselves in a good light and make others look bad. People with NPD often respond to personal questions with one-word answers such as fine or good rather than elaborating on how they really feel.

6) If they like your outfit, they’ll tell you how great it looks on them too (and make it seem like it’s their idea).

Narcissists are full of themselves and love to be center of attention. Make no mistake, they’re in it for them. You might feel like they’re genuinely trying to help you out by pointing out how good your outfit looks on them, but it’s their way of making sure they get some attention too. Be careful because they want all the attention. When someone compliments you on something, don’t immediately point out how it would look better on them.

7) Every relationship is based on them.

One of the hallmarks of narcissistic people is that they are self-absorbed, but even if your date seems interested in getting to know you, they’re likely only doing so because it makes them feel good. Pay attention to how often your date focuses on their own stories versus yours; if it’s always them, be skeptical.

8) If something doesn’t go their way, it’s never their fault.

Narcissists can’t blame themselves, and they certainly can’t blame anyone else. If they accidentally bump into someone on their way to an important meeting, it’s not their fault—it’s because that person walked into them! They don’t take responsibility for anything negative that happens in their lives, whether it’s something as small as spilling coffee on your shirt or as big as losing a job opportunity. It’s never about them; it’s always about other people or outside circumstances.

9) They always ask if others have noticed how wonderful they are, even though most likely no one has.

Narcissists believe they are better than everyone else in every way and seek out praise constantly. They always ask if others have noticed how wonderful they are, even though most likely no one has. It’s important to note that narcissism is not vanity or pride—it’s an actual personality disorder characterized by extreme self-absorption. A true narcissist will never admit that he or she is wrong or at fault because they cannot see anything but their own brilliance.